Great Expectations II: 19 weeks

How Far: 19 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: I'm really showing funny how that happens. Hopefully I haven't gained too much in between appointments this month. We'll see. I'm going to make a really concerted effort to be more active this go round and it will help that the weather is finally getting nice plus Levi loves getting outside for a walk or trip to the park. It's the right cause for gaining weight, but I'd still like to make sure I'm within the zone that is healthy and keeps my doctors happy. Last time around I was right on the cusp of gaining too much, so we'll see if it's any different this time or if the heat of summer has a similar effect as the cold of winter. I know I'll probably deal with more swelling and such this time around since I'll be my biggest through the summer months. Thankfully that all gets better once the baby is born.

In terms of clothes, I am definitely feeing the need to wear maternity clothes these days. I pulled out my maternity pants finally even though I can still wear my low wasted regular jeans too and I pulled out my maternity tops. I'm still transitioning my wardrobe to make my maternity pieces easily accessible. I've realized I have plenty of sweaters, but I don't have many short sleeve or even three quarter length sleeve tops, so I see a shopping trip in my future to pick up a couple of the cute tees like the ones I borrowed from Thais while in Chicago. I also made a trip to Target for Easter basket supplies and found a cute maternity dress to wear on Easter and further into the spring and summer. They were have a sale, so I actually picked up a more casual cotton maternity dress while I was there too. I have a few dressy occasions coming up like my cousins wedding this June, so I'm keeping an eye out for the perfect dress to wear to that.

Cravings: Nothing interesting to report...I'm just not one of those pregnant women who get really strong food cravings. There are definitely foods I flock towards, but I've yet to want pickles and ice cream at a random time or anything really unusual like that.

Gender: The gender reveal for next week's Red Sox game is confirmed. We even scoped out the screen and where we'd be for the game when we took Adam's parents to the Red Sox game this Saturday. I know a few people are confused and think we're doing the game announcement just as a public way to then share the news...but to clarify...Adam and I won't know when we head to the game if we're having a boy or girl either. At least that is the plan unless the ultrasound person slips up or something, but hopefully we'll be just as surprised when we see the announcement on the screen as everyone else. My plan is to start the message with Adam's name making it one of the firsts since they go in alphabetical order and it should be just before the second inning, so nice and early in the game. We'll let you all know the news as soon as we find out!

What do you think? Boy or Girl this time? In the past couple weeks I've become really at peace with either option for different reasons...a boy would be great because we have lots of awesome boy clothes and room sharing will be a little simpler and it would be cute for Levi to have a little brother. After visiting with the Carter boys and seeing how much fun Levi has with them whenever we get together, it brought a lot of excitement about the prospect of having another boy. Plus Adam and I really like a particular boy name (sorry won't be sharing that news until Jellybean arrives), while we still haven't landed on a girl name that we both really love though we'll get working harder on it if we find out the baby is a girl. Having a girl however is definitely a different dynamic between a mother and daughter and even between a father and daughter especially as girls get older, and I would love to have some of those more girlie experiences with a daughter. If that isn't God's plan and I'm meant to be a boys mom then I'll just hope to have a niece to spoil someday!  Guess we'll see very soon!!

Movement: Feeling little flutters and the occasional pop definitely some movement, but it's really subtle, nothing Adam could pick up on yet.

Symptoms: Feeling very "full" these days. I think my stomach is very squished, which leads to that feeling and the KILLER heartburn I'm having all the time. It chokes me it's so bad. Tums is my good friend and I've started taking Zantac when it gets really bad. That will probably be back on my regimen in the coming weeks. Levi had some hair, so the wives tale was true in his case...perhaps this baby will have a head of hair too with all the heartburn I'm having.

The round ligament pain is still there but more occasionally now and I didn't have any sciatic nerve pain this week. YAY! The girls are hurting now though, which I didn't experience much when I was pregnant with Levi. He has completely weaned, so it's been strange because unlike my last pregnancy when they suddenly grew...this time they shrank a ton and now are getting back to there larger pregnancy state. Very interesting what pregnancy does to the body!

Mental State: The gender has very much been on my mind this week. Adam and I even had a date night while his parents were in town this week, which gave us the chance to chat about our thoughts regarding if the baby is a boy or girl. It was a really fun night out for appetizers, a mocktail for me and dessert. We are hoping to get into a better routine for date nights, hoping to have one once a month or so even if it's a nicer dinner date at home in the earlier months once Jellybean is here.

It was also a wonderful Holy week. I remember attending the different services last year, but Levi was still really little and in the carrier mostly asleep. I was definitely able to take it in more this year and be more reflective and observant since Levi was in the nursery making for less distractions. The Herndon grandparents joined us this week too, which was really fun. Levi loves all his grandparents and is so blessed to see them all as often as he has being that we don't live close by.

Appointment Updates
: The BIG ultrasound is next week! Praying everything looks healthy and perfect since the real purpose for the exam is not to find out the gender but to make sure everything is forming properly.

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating Easter and seeing Levi's excitement as he opened his Easter basket. He knew it was for him and could not wait to check everything out. Next year there'll be two baskets, which will be so much fun and we plan to dye eggs with Levi then.

It was also fun to go to my first Red Sox game of this season...and Jellybean's first game technically... in utero. Levi went to quite a few both in utero and in his first year of life. Fans from an early age!

Great Expectations II: 18 weeks

How Far: 18 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: I'm definitely sporting a lil bump these days. I actually needed to borrow a couple of Thais's maternity T-shirts while I was in Chicago because I hadn't packed expecting days in the upper 70s. I had mostly tanks and sweaters to wear, but it was way too warm for those. I've busted out my maternity tops not because I really need to wear them since most of my tops have some give but because I might as well since they won't be seasonably appropriate for the most part come summer. It's funny though because some of them are on the bigger end and look ridiculous right now since I guess I wore them later in my last pregnancy. I'm still hanging in there pants wise....these low wasted jeans with a little stretch are still working pretty well even without a belly band most days. I bought a really cute maternity dress at Target to wear on Easter and I will probably pick up a few more tees like the ones I borrowed from Thais that aren't quite so big since I felt cute in them sporting  the bump.

Cravings: I had a serious craving from my favorite Thai soup, which I thoroughly enjoyed at Sunda when Thais and I had our adult girls night out in Chicago. It was delicious and the atmosphere was very chic.

Gender: It's looking really good for having the gender reveal on the jumbotron at the Red Sox game on the 23rd! I am so excited! I still need to confirm with this and that person at the stadium since I need to bring the envelope that day and I want to be sure they do indeed reserve a space for our announcement ahead of time...wouldn't want them to run out of space being that it is a Red Sox vs Yankees game. Can't wait to see if Jellybean is a boy or girl!!! EEEK!!! The big day is right around the corner now!

Movement: I felt the occasional pop here and there. Still feels like a muscle spasm, but I then remember oh no that is indeed the baby moving.

Symptoms: I've been waking up with some pretty serious round ligament pain. Thankfully it doesn't stick around all day. I also am still having the occasional sciatic nerve pain, but it too comes and goes depending on how much running around I've been doing for example on Monday when I was getting things together to head to Chicago for my Godson's birthday weekend I was really feeling it, but thankfully I was able to get everything together and then rest to let it calm down. The OB gave me some stretches that are also supposed to help when it's flaring up.

Mental State: I'm feeling great! It was a fun week visiting Thais, Heath and the boys in Chicago for James' birthday celebration weekend. Levi had a BLAST! He was exhausted at every nap from playing so hard all the time. It is always so much fun to watch him when he gets together with the Carter boys. Watching the posee definitely had me thinking about how cute it would be for Levi to have a little brother though he can be besties just as well with a little sister too.

It was pointed out how much Levi looks like more and more like me as he gets older and it is kind of crazy because it's like looking at yourself in a miniature version in the opposite gender. I was always told I looked like my dad, but I never fully got it until now. This observation also got me wondering what this new baby will look like and whom he or she will take after more. We shall see.

It's also amazing to see how much Levi is learning and changing every day! Last week we realized he could point out his head, belly, feet and hands when asked. AMAZING! When did he pick up on that?!? He can also give a kiss when asked...a nice open mouthed kiss, haha. He also started nodding "no", which is interesting and a bit frustrating at times when you need him to do something, but it also means he's becoming his own little person. It is all happening so quickly and I'm trying to take in every stage and enjoy each stage without wishing the time away while still looking forward to what's coming down the pike in the future. I have a feeling it will all go that much quicker when Jellybean joins the mix.

I also realize travel is going to become a little more challenging once Jellybean arrives since I won't be able to fly with two children in my lap, plus Levi is definitely getting more antsy these days on the plane. He still did well, but it was a very different experience this go round than any of the times before. Thankfully we had a whole row to ourselves on both flights, so he could move around some and then since both flights required early morning wake ups, he fell asleep for the second half of both flights. There was lots of snack eating too. There's still a few flight possibilities till Levi is two and we have to start buying him a ticket as long as Adam is coming too meaning one child per lap. We love traveling in this family to see family and friends, so I'm sure we'll figure it all out in each stage of our life as a family.

Appointment Updates
: The BIG ultrasound is a week from today!

Best Moment of the Week: Going to see the Carter's new house in Valpo and celebrating James' first birthday in Chicago. Levi was so funny because he would be a little overwhelmed at first in certain situations like bath time with the boys or playing in the bounce house, but them he would warm up to the idea in his own time. Amazing to see our kiddos' personalities as they grow and develop!

Great Expectations II: 17 weeks

How Far: 17 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: An actual maternity shirt in the picture...still normal jeans though.

I looked back at the last time around with Levi because I had an appointment this week and got weighed. I knew I had actually gained something over the past month since my last check up since I'm feeling better and hungry pretty often, but I was curious how it compared with my weight gain last time. Things look pretty similar in that department, I've gained 7 lbs thus far this pregnancy and last time I'd gained 9 lbs at 17 weeks.

I also think I'm carrying a little differently because looking back at the pictures from last time, I seemed similar size I think, but lower....hard to compare since the angles are different, but this time I definitely think I'm showing a little higher, which would also explain why I can still wear and button my non-maternity jeans whereas last time I was already wearing maternity capris and had just bought my first pairs of maternity jeans.

This week I also went ahead and wore a couple of my actual maternity sweaters because I might as well. It's not like they're going to get a lot of use this summer when I'm bigger. I definitely don't fill them out much, but I do look pregnant for the most part if I'm wearing something that clings to the bump...not enough that people would just assume, but they do wonder. I know this from a couple conversations at church with acquaintances who didn't know for sure, but upon my saying something about being pregnant then responded with comments like, "Oh I was wondering if that was the case." I've also already gotten a couple belly rubs...luckily from friends, not random people, which I don't mind.

Cravings: Still nothing to really report this week.

Gender: I emailed the Red Sox people in charge of the jumbo-tron and they said they'd get back to me next week since it was probably a busy time with opening day this week, so it wasn't a no, but not a definite yes yet. I'll keep you posted.

Movement: As of the middle of the week, I hadn't felt anything for sure, but the OB said I probably would any day now. Then over the weekend, while I was coordinating our church's apologetics conference there were definitely a couple instances when I had that charlie horse feeling where at first thought it was just a muscle spasm, but upon second though I realize it was most likely the baby moving.

Symptoms: Lots of eye twitching this week probably because I was very busy with final details for the conference which meant a little more stress and fatigue...nothing I couldn't handle just more of it than usual.

I also am starting to have more heartburn. I'm still managing it with Tums since it isn't always present, but I'm ready with Zantac if it gets worse and more often.

I've had some round ligament pain this week since things are beginning to stretch more and then some sciatic nerve pain Friday night after I'd been on my feet all evening for the conference running around taking care of last minute logistics and details. Luckily it was better on Saturday, thank goodness since it was my longer day to work.

Mental State: This was a very busy week since I was in the final days of coordinating the apologetics conference. It was very eye opening trying to multitask with Levi between different meetings, projects and correspondences. I'm thankful to not be working like this regularly because it was a lot to balance, but I loved the work itself. Adam was very helpful in taking Levi here and there, so I could run to a meeting and get things like name tags assembled and organized. I also had my fair share of last minute meetings in the church's toddler two room, so Levi could play and I could focus on tasks like the final conference budget and logistics for the weekend. Once the weekend rolled around, I was in full conference mode and Adam had Levi. Everything went beautifully. The weekend was well organized and things ran smoothly the whole time. We only had a couple technical issues that weren't really things you could have expected, and thankfully they were taken care of as quickly as possible.

Appointment Updates
: I had an appointment with the OB this week. He was very pleased with how everything is going. I had a few questions about things like my eye twitch, round ligament pain, a bout of light headedness (oh memories of high school) and sciatic nerve pain. He assured me that all these things are totally normal and will naturally happen earlier this time because of muscle memory. Isn't that fun!

The eye twitch is typically associated with fatigue and stress, so I just need to try and get good sleep. The round ligament pain is right on schedule as well. The light headedness only happened once and I just sat down to get the blood flowing to my head since I'd been standing behind a registration table in one position obviously for too long, which took care of things. The doc said to stay well hydrated and that circulation and sugar issues can be normal symptoms, so I just have to be watchful of standing in one place too long like back in the good old choir days and eat regularly things that won't make my blood sugar spike and go down too quickly. My almonds definitely fit that bill. He also gave me some stretches that could help with the sciatic nerve issue which only occurs when I've over done it and gotten myself pretty tired physically, so thankfully it isn't happening often.

The baby's heart rate was between 152 and 155 and is always wonderful to hear. I had my second blood draw for the series sequential, which is a screening for the potential for Down Syndrome. The results came back the next day and my midwife said everything looked perfect, just as it should be. i could not have had better results, so that's good.

Best Moment of the Week: Coordinating the apologetics conference and seeing things go off without a hitch.  This is the first time the church has hosted an event of this sort, so we weren't sure exactly how many people to expect beyond the almost 400 that pre-registered. We probably had well over 500 throughout the weekend. God is good. It was very exciting for things to be as successful as they were.


Purchasing our new double stroller on sale. We went with the Baby Jogger City Select in black. I'm very excited for it to arrive. It's one of the few items we'll need this time around.

Great Expectations II: 16 weeks

How Far: 16 weeks

We're representing for UVA this week in our orange and blue since my HOOS are in the sweet 16!

Weight/ Clothes: I'm starting to show a little higher and friends have confirmed that I indeed am beginning to look pregnant, not just chubby. I did pull out my first maternity items this week...leggings and a new maternity shirt that I picked up at H&M. It was the style of one of my favorites the last time around just in a different color scheme. Otherwise I'm still wearing my normal jeans and can even still button most of them comfortably based on where the bump is falling.

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Boring I know.

Gender: I figured out what I think I want to do for our gender reveal this time around. Adam had requested a smaller scaled event where it would just be the two of us rather than a big party, so I've been brainstorming cute ideas for the two of us finding out since I'd rather not just find out at the ultrasound. What have I landed on you may be wondering?? Well we are headed to a Red Sox vs Yankees game the night of our I have to look into whether this is even possible or reasonable to attempt...but I'm going to see if I can get the gender posted on the jumbo-tron at the game. You know the way they post happy birthdays and such. I wouldn't even have to know ahead of time because I could just deliver the envelope to the office of whomever takes care of those announcements. I also plan to have a back up envelope since I won't know the person posting this news and I'll want to be able to double check what the doctor wrote.  I'll keep you posted as I find out if this will become a reality or if I need to go back to the drawing board.

Movement: Nothing yet.

Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty good this week. The sickness stage of things seems to have passed and I'm getting my energy back, which was great timing since I had an overnight trip to New York planned by myself to attend my cousin's bridal shower.

My eye twitching has ALREADY returned!! I can't believe it since this didn't come on as a symptom until the last month or so with Levi, but here we are at week 16 and it's already started. It happens periodically in either eye...not usually at the same time thankfully. At least it's not painful, just REALLY annoying! I'm pretty sure it's related to fatigue, so I'm trying to rest when I can...nap when Levi naps and sleep well at night between trouble dozing off and waking to pee two-three times a night. At least I'm still perfectly comfortable sleeping once I manage to fall asleep.

Mental State: This was an exciting weekend! It was my first overnight away from Levi. He has pretty much weaned because my milk supply has changed drastically since becoming pregnant. This meant Adam could keep him overnight easily and I didn't need to worry about pumping. It was a great practice run because I'm planning a trip in late May to visit my friend Lindsey who is having her first baby and without Levi along for the trip I'll be able to truly lend a hand. It was so nice to know that I married Superdad...he checked Levi into the nursery during youth group Friday night (and it helped that he wasnt preaching that evening), sent me a morning video, took Levi to the park, a triathlon convention at MIT after which Levi took a 2.5 hour nap...we don't see many of those around these parts...and then they went grocery shopping, hung out, had dinner and Levi even got a bath. I got home late that night and was so thankful that it all went well. I don't foresee too many more trips on my own coming up beyond the May trip when my mom plans to come and lend a hand since I'll be gone for a few days and Adam works weekends with youth group Friday night and church responsibilities Sunday morning.

Appointment Updates
: My next appointment is coming up next week.

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing how well things went for Adam and Levi while I was away celebrating my soon to be cousin Paola. It was wonderful getting to catch up and spend time with my aunts and cousins on my Dad's side. The wedding is going to be so much fun in June!

Oh and I scheduled my maternity photos for this summer too!! They'll be in July right before Adam leaves for the Columbia missions trip at one of our local beaches on the North Shore. Adam was surprised I thought we should have another set done, but I explained that it's different this time because Levi will be in these this time around and this baby needs the same treatment as our first right!

Great Expectations II: 15 weeks

How Far:
15 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: Still in all my normal clothes except one pair of my jeans are in need of a bellyband in order to wear them comfortably. They're my oldest skinny jeans and sit a little higher on my hips than my more recently purchased jeans, which all sit just below my small bump. I can button and wear the rest comfortably still, which is so nice since my maternity jeans are probably the clothing item that got the most wear and I'm most tired of compared to my maternity tops and such. I didn't even wear a bellyband with Levi because I jumped right into comfy maternity pants whereas I'm in no rush this time around, so I'm loving the bellyband. It's a GREAT invention!

Cravings: Nothing special this week. Still loving Mexican and soup.

Gender: Name suggestions anyone? We have a few boy names we're pretty excited about, but again girl names are throwing us for a loop...why are they so much harder for us to find, agree on and fall in love with. And none of the names we had left over from our pregnancy with Levi are even in the mix this time around. Isn't it funny how that happens? PLEASE COMMENT WITH NAME IDEAS!

Movement: Still feeling the occasional bubbles...could it be movement...still seems too soon to me...but perhaps.

Symptoms: Guess what's already back...MY EYE TWITCH!! Ahhh not this soon...but low and behold there it is every now and then with one eye or the other. Thankfully it's more a pain than anything else.

I've also started having trouble falling asleep. It doesn't matter how tired I am, falling asleep is a challenge and this is NEVER a challenge for me. It's interesting to say the least and means I'm staying up way later than I should, which is making the mornings that much more challenging. Talking with a friend, she had the same issue when she was pregnant and we both agreed it had to be hormonal. Hopefully my body adjusts and things get better.

Mental State: Same as last week. Thinking a bit about a double stroller (we're going to get a City Select...I've been debating between red or black...Adam convinced me to go with the black).. and thinking about life with two in general. We even washed and put the infant car seat away after using it one final time in California. Now it's all set back to its smallest settings for the new baby since Levi has just now officially outgrown it according to its height requirements (He was just at the max height in Cali). Adam commented on how crazy it is how small Levi once was to fit in the seat with the straps at their smallest setting and how crazy it is that we'll soon have a new baby that's that tiny to fit in it all over again.

Appointment Updates
: I had my ultrasound where they screen for Downs Syndrome. Everything was looking good thankfully. I have one more blood test to get in a couple weeks before we receive the results. This test is just a predictor with no guarantees but it's a nice chance to see the baby.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Jellybean squirming all around at the ultrasound. This baby is VERY active already maybe that's why I feel bubbles already, but I still think the baby is too small for me to really be feeling any sort of movement.

Great Expectations II: 14 weeks

How Far:
14 weeks

(Weeks 13 and 14 are kind of blended together since we were on vacation in California for part of it and then we got back and started taking bump pictures.)

Weight/ Clothes: Pretty much normal though this week I saw the first signs of a tiny bump...I am officially entering the "I look like I ate too many donuts" phase of pregnancy. I have to be wearing a really tight shirt for you to really be able to see a bump otherwise you would never know anything was going on.

Cravings: Man oh man did I have a craving for hot and sour soup! Luckily I got to eats LOTS of it at a great restaurant in Chinatown while we were in LA.

Gender: Won't have news until after Easter...we shall see...EVERY guess so far is that I'm having a girl. It's so fun to hear what people are basing their predictions on since it can't really be based on the manner in which I'm showing yet. We'll see!

Movement: Occasionally I feel bubbles but I feel like it's too soon to be feeling the baby.

Symptoms: At times I can be very sensitive to smell this go round. I also had some sciatic nerve pain while we were in LA. I literally couldn't walk at one point, but after getting some rest it calmed down. Thank goodness cause not being able to walk comfortably is THE WORST!

Mental State: Not much to report this week...Levi has thankfully been sleeping well which has really helped my brain fog...we had a short disruption this week when he had a major molar teething spell...but that too has passed thankfully, so I'm feeling good mentally.

Appointment Updates
: We had a second appointment with the OB this time. My normal OB is out on maternity leave herself, so I saw a new guy to the practice. He was very jovial and even let Levi sit on my lap (more like hips) while he did a quick ultrasound on my belly. With finding out later this time I haven't had to have any internal ultrasounds, which has been pretty nice. This is the first picture we have in print, so I was able to use it to send out some messages to friends and family with the good news! Then we made our news Facebook official, which was pretty exciting.

Best Moment of the Week: We had a couple for this installment...Visiting the San Diego zoo with Levi, Adam and my parents! Such GREAT memories! AND....

Getting over 300 likes on our Facebook announcement and 85 comments on our announcement photo and over 200 likes and 54 comments on the photo of our parents finding out the news. Isn't social media fun! Thanks everyone for all your love and support.

Great Expectations II: The First Trimester

12 weeks along
How Far Along: 12 weeks

(The bump photo series didn't fully get started until week 14, next the meantime enjoy this eclectic compilation of photos that were taken while I was pregnant but for many of which I didn't know it yet. So fun!)

So we found out quite a bit further along that we were expecting this time (probably around 8 or 9 weeks bump pictures started a little later). I conceived sometime in December before the holidays but didn't find out until a couple weeks into January that we were indeed preggo for the second time when I started having symptoms and realized that I had yet to get my period. It was quite exciting since I didn't have any spotting this time around! I'll write a separate post about finding out and telling Dad we were pregnant again. 

Very early on...and Christmas Eve
Weight/ Clothes: I'm happily in my everyday wardrobe even at 12 weeks, which is nice since I continued to wear my maternity clothes a number of months postpartum rather than purchasing in between sizes of things. I have actually lost a couple pounds starting out this pregnancy because I haven't been feeling good. Lots of nausea this time around, so the good news is I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight which I had been holding onto 3 or 4 pounds with nursing still and such, but those pounds are no longer. I don't feel like I'm seeing changes to my body as early on this time around either probably because my stomach isn't as tight as it was prior to my pregnancy with Levi...wonder why;) haha.

Joined the club!
Cravings: I'm all about some Mexican cuisine this time around. If it's tacos, enchiladas, chili or Chipotle I'm all about it. Thankfully I've been making most of this food myself so I can watch what goes into the food and be healthier with it than if I was eating it out all the time.  Thankfully chicken chili and turkey tacos aren't foods I have to worry too much about packing on the pounds.

In VA for a shower and gender reveal.
Gender: We plan to find out again, but we're going to do something fun just the two or three of us this go round. We'll have that ultrasound soon after still a ways away. I am so curious this time around because I feel like there have been some major differences in this pregnancy, which could mean it might be a girl or another boy just affecting me completely differently. We'll see.

Movement: Too early for such things...but I know what to be on the look out for.

Found out this week in VA!
Symptoms: I've actually thrown up a hand full of times this go round and not because I made the mistake of taking my vitamins on an empty stomach like last time. I've also been nauseous ALL THE TIME for a few weeks. This nausea and fatigue is what made me first wonder if I could in fact be pregnant.

I have to eat fairly regularly to keep the nausea at bay and in the morning only a high protein source like eggs will keep me full enough to stave off the sickness. I've also been keeping almonds handy AT ALL TIMES because they help in a pinch if I've waited to long to eat. I even had to eat a few almonds in the middle of the night one night because I couldn't get back to sleep on an empty stomach...WEIRD!

Levi's first birthday party
Mental State: Had a funny pregnancy brain moment at the youth group pancake breakfast where I had black coffee in one cup and syrup in another and I poured coffee on my pancakes before realizing I'd picked the wrong cup. Oops and at that point people weren't in the know about my pregnancy, so I just looked REALLY silly.
We told all the grandparents, Tati and Chris this weekend.
Appointment Updates: We had our first office appointment with the midwife (Adam, Levi and I) and because I found out a bit later this time around, I didn't get into the office until about 10 weeks along, so there wasn't any anxiety involved because there was a beautifully strong heartbeat from the get go. We even got to take a peak at the baby on the ultrasound. Everything looked good and I didn't have many questions having just been down this road a year ago. After this appointment we decided it was safe to start sharing our news with extended family and friends, but we'd hold off until the second trimester to share our news more broadly...facebook...but it has been really fun finding creative or in the moment ways to tell friends and family we're expecting #2.
Fun bump series coming soon!

Best Moment of the Week: Best moments of the first trimester have been telling Adam, telling the grandparents, choosing the nickname Jellybean, and hearing/seeing Jellybean's heartbeat for the first time. I'll probably write a few posts about each of those fun moments in the days to come.

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